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patients say

I went to see Helen, for my daughter who has had a runny nose for majority of her
short 2 and a half year life.  Helen took time to understand the back ground and
undertook a thorough examination.  The remedies she prescribed worked very well
and I am so grateful that I tried an alternative as it is all natural, Stella".

Helen Shardlow, BSc, NIMH

To get to the root of your health concerns, we start with a complete review of your medical history. We consider presenting symptoms, current medication and other issues which may be impacting on your wellbeing.

We aim to make an initial diagnosis of your condition at the end of your first consultation, which usually lasts around an hour. If appropriate, we prescribe a plant medicine, which we prepare in our dispensary and should be used much as a conventional medication would.


Where necessary, we may arrange for blood samples to be taken for analysis prior to making a diagnosis or for other laboratory tests not generally available through your GP. We may also refer you to other specialist medical practitioners or to your GP.


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